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Supplement Advice

3 decades of supplement experience – Available for the RingCraft Community.

After university reading Equine Studies, and becoming a List 6, 5 then 4 judge, I thought I’d cut my teeth in the working world by getting a franchise of Horse Health Products UK Ltd. I had a family to provide for, but I never thought at the time that this was the start of 3 decades in the supplement industry! Within 6 months, I resigned from judging and created a business in Newmarket and the surrounding areas. My supplement and ingredient knowledge, and the effect that certain combinations of ingredients would have on specific horses meant I became an integral part of the nutrition providing team for many trainers, studs and sport horse yards in East Anglia.

After a year I was promoted to Director of Sales and travelled the country training the franchises (like Nelson Veterinary Equine, Lisa Lemieux & 8 others), helping them with product knowledge and how to build a business. Lemieux has done rather well since!!!

After the millennium, I started up HorseHealth Newmarket Ltd, supplying neat individual ingredients to top trainers, studs and vet practices nationally. I delved into ingredient sourcing, efficacy, effect on it’s own and effect with other ingredients on specific horse types, ages, breeds in different situaltions. I loved it! The volumes of powders, minerals, crystals and herbs I delivered around the country was extraordinary.

Then Hack Up Bespoke was borne. The mission statement was clear, and loved by tens of thousands of customers from 40+ different countries across the world…


“To formulate, create and provide bespoke supplements from powerful raw ingredients in the most suitable ratios for the individual horse/pony, without preservative buffers, flavourings or colourings, at a fraction of the cost of other branded products.”

Hack Up Bespoke is no more, and the rest is history. But what was in my head regarding supplements is still very much there, and now I am able to use this for your benefit!




You tell me about the horse, the situation in relevant detail (age, breed, size, usage (dressage / eventing / showjumping / hack only), exercise, a brief medical history, current feed and supplements and the reason you seek advice / want a supplement - via email

I will then email you to back with my initial thoughts, a general recommendation and a time that suits to talk it through and advise either over the phone or via zoom. I'll likely recommend a selection of ingredients with volumes and ratios. Sometimes I may recommend a ready-made product, but more often just the ingredients. You’ll be advised where (online) to get the ingredients from, but you have the ultimate choice yourself.


This is an advisory service only and the only cost for those using it is the monthly membership subscription. 


Elite and Premier customers will have as much supplement time with me as they need and can message me on facebook, text me or WhatsApp. Core customers are also welcome to my time but this will need to be limited to one 15 min consultation per month - or I can see that I’ll be running out of time to do anything else!


Weekly Wine O’Clocks will happen on a Thursday from 6.30 – 8.30pm whereby anyone (whatever the membership level) can join in to talk supplements.

What our customers have to say...

Natasha Guiney

“Alex has helped us look at diet and supplements for our novice /1* eventer.  Not only did he give advice on recommendations even gave the quantity to feed so we can ensure he has exactly what he needs throughout the year. His knowledge is really second to none. Highly recommended this service and the ringcraft community. Thank you x”

There’s a huge choice online where you can purchase ingredients that are recommended to you via this supplement service. The choice is entirely yours.

Feedback on FB is particularly positive for with regard to ingredient selection, ingredient quality, service and value for money. 

Use the coupon code 'ALEX10' for 10% discount.

Other reputable suppliers of ingredients include and

NB.  Please be aware that specific accreditations (like UFAS, BETA NOPS) for each supplier will vary and if competing at high levels, should be looked into.

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