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Welcome to Alex Gingell’s ‘RingCraft Community’ 

This site is fast becoming a ‘must see’ for all horsey folk, whether dressage enthusiasts or not. 

As much as Alex enjoys immersing himself in helping competitors squeeze extra marks out of their test performances, he also has a passion for ensuring horsey folk get a ‘good deal’ in other horsey matters too.

So Elite and Premier members of the RingCraft Community Group get his undivided attention through remote lessons, posts, zoom Wine O’clock on Wednesdays, zoom pre competition warm ups, and assessing of WhatsAp videos of training and competitions. Progression is Guaranteed.

All members, including Core members have a growing ‘bundle of benefits’ that will save them hundreds (or thousands of pounds). Initially certain products and services are being recommended by Alex personally. 2 decades of experience formulating supplements has been channelled into a free service for all members, with a Wine O’Clock every Thursday evening.

This new Buying Group will soon become a horsey comparison site that will have something for everyone.

Get involved!!



What is RingCraft?

RingCraft: The art of presenting and showing off your horse/pony in the dressage arena to ensure the best possible chance of impressing the judge.

The Purpose of RingCraft Lessons

  • Bridging the gap between judge and competitor

  • Marrying up what’s felt on top to what’s seen from the side

  • Trying to get the best marks possible riding what you’re on

  • Remote RingCraft lessons are recorded from start to end, to the cloud via zoom. The link shared with you after the lesson.

The Lesson

An insightful 20 mins of learning through the air-pods whilst you warm up. Opening your mind up to things you’ve likely never thought of or felt before. 
Sometimes 2 but usually 3 tests with marks and comments, followed by an honest assessment. Bespoke exercises to improve way of going and movement execution between the tests. This dressage RingCraft training is guaranteed to be totally suitable for the level of each individual rider. The progression will be clear. 

1 hour slots: £80
Variety of membership levels and discounts available to reduce the cost to £70, £60 or even £50

Remote Lessons: As easy as 1, 2, 3 ...


Set Up

For remote practical RingCraft lessons to happen, we need you to be in a well-marked out arena with a reasonable / good 4G signal or Wi-Fi throughout. I call you on your mobile, you answer it, put it in your pocket and we talk through air pods. Sometimes a little tape is necessary to hold them in place.

If you don’t have a suitable arena at home or in your yard, then you’ll need to pop to a local Equine centre or a friend’s yard ensuring that the Wi-Fi or 4G signal is good.  It only takes a few minutes to test if your signal is good enough. We need 4G with 2 bars or more ideally, or W-Fi. You’ll need to download a free version of Zoom on your mobile. I simply invite you to a zoom meeting whilst you’re in the arena, then you video something moving in it. If I can see the movement clearly enough then we can do it.


The Tech

Then I host a Zoom meeting on my laptop and invite a helper / friend / mum / daughter / son of yours on another mobile (up to date one preferably) videoing you riding, zooming in and out if necessary. 

Zoom is the best Ap for picture quality and I have a Pro subscription so duration of lesson is not an issue.  Pivo works well, you need to download the Pivo Plus App (free) and use the Meet Mode. Just needs a little experimenting around with as sometimes they seem to have a mind of their own!! I record the session to the cloud, then send you a link after the lesson for you to review, at your leisure. 


The Cost

The first remote lesson is discounted to £50. If it takes more than an hour to get the technology sorted then so be it, no problem. And if you don’t find the lesson super helpful then it’s free.
Moving forwards, they are £60 if you’re a Premier or Elite member of the Ringcraft Community Group. £70 if you’re a Core member. I try to only train customers remotely who are members of the group so I can give them continuous help and therefore guarantee score improvements. That’s what it’s all about.
When remote lessons are purchased in blocks of 4 and paid upfront, then there is a further discount, £50 each for Premier and Elite customers, £60 each for Core customers.

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