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Wine O'Clock

weekly connection

Every Wednesday evening from around 7pm – 8.15pm there’s an opportunity to ask any question you like in a totally informal chat with Alex and other RingCraft Community members.

with your tipple of choice

Alex began the concept in Covid and has decided to make it a weekly event – so many benefits for everyone involved.  Most enjoy at least one glass of wine in the sessions and we cover all sorts of topics

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global and local

Like minded RingCraft divas from the tip of Scotland to Cornwall, Cardiff and Kent share stories and take time out after sorting the horses and kids to learn, to listen, to contribute to, to smile, laugh and enjoy talking horses and dressage.

warm and welcoming

These zoom meetings are not recorded so it’s an opportunity to really let your hair down and get to know other members of the group. Often, there will be visitors from outside the group joining to see what being a member feels like, to dip their toe in the water. 

“Wine O’Clock” – it’s a MUST!!


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