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Fancy an opportunity to run through a test or two?


On 20th and 21st April, working with the wonderful staff here at Checkendon EC, I’m looking to give folks in the local area (and those who livery here) an opportunity to run through a test or two of their choice.


The way it works:

-       I’ll sit in my car at C, in front of a 20x60m outdoor arena.

-       Folk are allotted 10 minutes to do a test of their choice (any level, BD or FEI eventing, new 2024 tests or current ones)

-       The rider’s mobile will be with me in the car and the test will be videoed on this, either by me or a friend / helper)

-       The test will be judged with marks and comments, audibly, not written on any sheets.

-       There will then be a 2 – 3 minute chat after each test to outline the collectives in detail.


The cost:

-       £20 for 1 test

-       £30 for 2 tests

On checkout, you will be able to select the amount of tests you want to ride.



This is for ‘ALL LEVELS’ (I’m hoping for Prelim – PSG,  FEI * - FEI 5*). There will be a warm up area and parking. Folk are welcome to come sit in my car whenever they want to, for as long as they like. There is the opportunity for the rider to hear the marks and comments live through ear pieces, if they choose to, but they will need to know the test well and not be too distracted by hearing the marks and comments of what they’ve just done, whilst thinking about what they’re currently doing and where they’re going next!




NB. There is zero mobile signal at Checkendon EC, so please be prepared for that.


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