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These are 30 - 40 min sessions that work in the same way as remote RingCraft lessons, except the purpose is to assess the quality and potential of a specific horse/pony for sale. So, having warmed up, we look at the 3 paces on both reins and consider where the horse/pony is at in his/her training with the scales of training in mind. 
Comments will be made on the quality of the work shown, the correctness and elasticity of the paces, the natural ‘jump/spring/suspension’, the suppleness that’s visible through the body in the paces (lateral and longitudinal), the stability of the contact and the apparent adjustability. Certain movements of tests at the level the horse works at will be performed and marks applied to those.
The purpose is to give an honest and unbiased assessment of the horse/pony’s’ current ability within the arena (percentage-wise) and to give an idea of potential.


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  • NB. One ‘Show Off Slot’ is the minimum requirement to use the matchmaking service, as well as becoming a Core member of the RingCraft Community Group (£4.99 per month).

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